Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Approach: KIPP

Today our group woke up early to go experience a new approach to teaching students from urban communities. We traveled to the local KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) school here in Charlotte to see how this school differed from the more traditional urban schools. KIPP's purpose is to help as many underrepresented and underprivileged make their dreams of college a reality. All aspects of the school revolves around helping the students get to college and succeeding while they are there. Students in the KIPP school program are expected to hold themselves to the highest possible standards. Good class behavior and Academic success are the two goals all KIPP students aim to achieve. The only way to truly understand a KIPP school is to see a school hands on, but since most of the readers of this blog will never be exposed to a KIPP school I hope this Video can give you a better understanding of the KIPP school system and how it is helping children get into college.

When our group arrieved at kip we really did not know what to expect but we quickly learned what KIPP was all about. The students started the day by chanting their schools mission statement for us. The amount of school participation was amazing and it was easy to see that the students had really understood that their school life was important.

Our main group was quickly broken up into pair and assigned tasks to help the teachers with. Most of our jobs were simple but timely tasks such as filling papers, grading tests, printing, copying, making posters and so on, but by doing the jobs, we helped the teachers use their time in more efficient and beneficial ways.

For me, the best part of the day was lunch. Not because I had a bag of Doritos chips waiting for me to eat, but because this was the first time we where able to talk to the KIPP kids and hear their views of the school. My experience with the students was positive. I was able to meet students who cared about learning and most of all where proud of their accomplishments in school.

Albert and Claire with KIPP students

At night we went to down town Charlotte to see a spot that Maria's friend told us about, it was really kewl I think we all enjoyed it. We ate at a Wings place and then stayed around to play comedy game. It was my birthday too so I really appreciated everyone making my birthday special, Thanks.

Picture in Downtown Charlotte

Juan Pagan
Freshman, Marketing Major

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